modern jesus, sydney 2017

Modern Jesus, The Depot Theatre Sydney 2017

Modern Jesus, The Depot Theatre Sydney 2017

The Depot Theatre, Sydney
Aug 23 - Sep 2, 2017


Charlie works at her local Woolies. She is entirely dissatisfied with her life to date. In a moment of pure frustration, she assaults a collector for charity who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This moment of liberation leads to Charlie losing her job and igniting her desire for change and rebellion. 

Inspired by the half-baked philosophies of her completely baked neighbour, she enlists a group of friends and they embark on a ‘Revolution of Inconvenience’. The movement begins relatively harmlessly - steal a few shopping trolleys, wear silly masks and pretend to make a change. But when some leaked Youtube footage goes viral and copycat revolutions begin to happen all across the world, the group begins to comprehend the very serious reality of having truly started something. 

Modern Jesus is the line between idealism and extremism - and how easily does it blur? 



Philip D'Ambrosio


Leah Donovan

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Philippe Klaus

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Ryan Madden


Steven Menteith

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Michelle McCowage


Jason mckell

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tom nauta



Chris Huntly-Turner, Director

Australian born, Chris completed his actor’s training at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama and has worked extensively in theatre in the UK. As co-Artisitic Direct of Fledgling Theatre Company, Chris has led the development of its new writing program through two development seasons and established two development ensembles - the original London ensemble and the most recent Sydney creative team. He has worked on theatre education programs, directing productions for youth with behavioural issues (gang violence, drug crime, juvenile detention) as well as directorial work for FTC in London and numerous short film projects. Most recently, he has directed the debut double bill of Fledgling Theatre Company's RATS: Moonshine/Dirt at the Old 505 Theatre in 2016.


Penny Lemon, Producer

Since completing her BA (Comms) at Notre Dame University and Dip. Shakespearean Performance at the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts, Penny has worked in both realms of theatre and film. She has directed multiple productions including Voices on My Head (Zapp Productions) and co-directed Amy Maddison’s The Will, both for the Sydney Fringe Festival. She has worked as a camera assist, DOP and Editor for short film productions such as Hush (Broken Pictures) and recently completed work on a theatrical documentary, Possessions (Escape Artists Theatre Company). She has most recently produced the debut double bill of Fledgling Theatre Company's RATS: Moonshine/Dirt at the Old 505 Theatre in 2016.

Liam O'Keefe, lighting design

Liam is a freelance lighting designer and technician based in Sydney. Recent design work includes: After The End (The King's Collective); Dracula (Genesian Theatre); Transcience (leftofcentre Theatre Co.); Atlantis (Subtlenuance); METADATA (De Quincey Co.); DRIFT (Two Peas); GODFACE (Matriark Theatre Inc.); Smudge (The King's Fools); The Tragedy of Antigone (Ninefold); Contrite Spirit (Edgeware Forum); Shut up and Drive (Subtlenuance); Year of the Family (Tooth and Sinew); The Poor Kitchen (Subtlenuance) and Femme Fatale (leftofcentre theatre co.). As a technician, he has been a part of the lighting team for five national tours, far too many years of the Sydney Festival and The Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour's CarmenMadama ButterflyAida and Turandot.


Production Stills

Photography by Liam O'Keefe