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Modern Jesus 2014

Modern Jesus

Modern Jesus, the Nursery Theatre 2014

Modern Jesus, the Nursery Theatre 2014


the nursery theatre, london, april 17th - 20th 2014

Charlie works at a local Sainsbury’s. She is entirely dissatisfied with her life to date. In a moment of pure frustration she assaults a collector for a charity who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This moment of liberation leads to Charlie losing her job, but also ignites her desire for change and rebellion. Modern Jesus is a play about the line between idealism and extremism and how easy it is for the two to blur.

Written and Directed by Christopher Neels.

Cast: Andrew Stafford - Baker, Callum Cameron, Chris Huntly - Turner, Ellie Rose, Josh Jeffries, Katie Goldfinch, Louie Keen, Patrick Holt.