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Jericho Creek 2015

Jericho Creek


the cockpit theatre, london, july 29th - 1st august 2015

Jericho Creek, The Cockpit Theatre, 2015

Jericho Creek, The Cockpit Theatre, 2015

“The level of detail in the script is immense, and a dense world with a plethora of characters is created convincingly…Jericho Creek is an impressive piece from Fledgling Theatre Company ... The cast is particularly strong and present themselves as a cohesive company.” – A Younger Theatre

Inspired by Nick Cave's novel 'And the Ass Saw the Angel', Jericho Creek is set in the harsh conditions of colonial Australia. Jericho Creek is a world of inbreeding, moonshine and religious fanaticism where slowly but surely the community's dark underbelly begins to expose itself. Jericho Creek was supported by ANZUK Agency and Room One Studios in London and was performed at The Cockpit Theatre in London in July 2015.

Written and Directed by:

Christopher Neels and Chris Huntley-Turner